Olympus 35RC

The Olympus 35RC is a simple rangefinder camera from the 1970’s.  Another recommendation by Ken Rockwell it is a superb picture taker.  Firstly it is compact, fits in my pocket no problem.  Secondly the controls are simple, you can have shutter priority or full manual.  Thirdly it is cheap for a rangefinder, it cost me about £60 as an impulse buy from Philips Cameras in Norwich, but you can pick them up on ebay for less.  Finally it is a rangefinder and gives you a whole new look at photography, slow down, consider your shots and, most importantly, have fun!

It runs off a single LR9 battery (also known as PX625) and I’ve just bought a couple from 7dayshop, which is also where I get all my film. If you’ve ever wanted to find out what rangefinder photography is all about then this is a great, and cheap, way to do it.


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I am a keen amateur photographer and this is my space on the web to talk about my explorations through the world of photography, both film and digital.
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