Canon EOS 620 and Ilford HP5

The Canon EOS 620 was the second of Canon’s EOS cameras and came out in about 1987.  I couldn’t afford one then and it was only Ken Rockwell’s article that reminded me of it.  So I kept an eye open.  In the end my wife found one at a car boot sale complete with a 28-80 USM lens and all for £20!

My first reaction is that the camera is pretty straightforward, turn the rotary switch to A to turn it on, select your mode with the MODE switch and the rotary dial and start firing away. The only slight funny is the need to press the M button on the left side of the lens mount (as you hold it up to your eye) to set the dial to select aperture in manual mode. Other than that it’s a nice solid camera.

So I dropped in a roll of Ilford HP5 and had a play.  HP5 appears to have slightly finer grain than Kodak Tri-X 400.  I guess you need to try both and see how you get on!


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