Kodak TRI-X

So after all these years I finally got around to trying a roll of TRI-X.  This Kodak film has a long and distinguished history, especially amongst photojournalists.

I loaded it in my Canon EOS 30 film camera and played around.  Once I was done I developed it for 6 minutes @ 23C in Kodak D76 stock solution.  Once dry the negs were scanned in on my Epson 3170 flatbed scanner.  Minimal post-processing, as I’ve said below, it’s not my thing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve put them up as a slideshow, see how that comes out!  Anyway the upshot is I really liked the film although it’s better in medium light than strong light.  Although I suspect that is true for everything!


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I am a keen amateur photographer and this is my space on the web to talk about my explorations through the world of photography, both film and digital.
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2 Responses to Kodak TRI-X

  1. sanctamonius says:

    looks good, you oughta shoot Tri-X more… my fav film.

  2. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

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