Do the bits of photography you like

Jeannette’s comment to one of my posts saying she wasn’t a fan of Photoshop reminded me of something that I have long believed in. Photography, just like any hobby I suppose, is multi-faceted. You can feel pressured into doing all of it or just choose to do the bits you like.

If you frequent any of the internet chatrooms you will have come across the sort of person for whom there is only one way, their way. Any deviation from their way, especially in the choice of equipment is simply beyond the pale and they let you know about it. The reality is that you should do the bits of photography you like and ignore the rest.

Personally, I love cameras; I think they are great bits of engineering. They come in all shapes and sizes; I have everything from compacts to a large format camera and everything in between. I like old cameras for the way you have to control everything and I admire the new digital cameras for being so versatile and allowing even novices to take great shots without having to spend ages learning about f-stops and shutter speeds.

Conversely, I am not a great fan of Photoshop. OK, I admit I don’t have a full copy and wouldn’t know how to use it if I did. But I already work with a computer all day; the thought of spending even more time in front of a monitor post-processing my images doesn’t really appeal. In any case the software I get with my Canon cameras does most of what I want and it’s free.

The bit I like most about photography is carrying a camera, looking for a shot, setting the camera, putting it to my eye, pressing the shutter and waiting for the image, either on the LCD or on film. What I want to do is get the image right first time. I want to try and show what was in front of me, I want to try and capture a moment in time, with as little manipulation as possible.

So choose the bits you like and go with that and whatever you do don’t worry about what other people think, it’s your hobby!


About photovalve

I am a keen amateur photographer and this is my space on the web to talk about my explorations through the world of photography, both film and digital.
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2 Responses to Do the bits of photography you like

  1. Laura says:

    Loving your blog – have advertised it on mine! xx

  2. jeannette sheehy says:

    I like what you said. However you want to interpret a shot is up to you. It’s your hobby. Photoshop is good as a tool to crop, perhaps sharpen a little etc, but when you get into taking things out of a shot, putting a different sky in because you don’t like the sky in your photo it kind of takes away from your own skill as a photographer. I want to take good photographs, not be a good editor.

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