In Praise of Old Cameras

As well as being slower to use film cameras were also a lot simpler, no menus, very few options, and sometimes a proper f-stop ring!

I started out on a completely manual Carena RSD Micro. Here it is:

It cost me £45 second hand in about 1982. You had to set the f-stop and shutter speed until a small needle in the viewfinder neatly bisected a circle. It worked fine but could be a bit slow; I often missed that once in a lifetime shot! Having said that it served me well and I took it and a couple of lenses around Europe once and I still have the prints to prove it. Here’s one of Michelangelo’s David. It was a colour print but I converted it to black and white as it looks better.


About photovalve

I am a keen amateur photographer and this is my space on the web to talk about my explorations through the world of photography, both film and digital.
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One Response to In Praise of Old Cameras

  1. My dad just sent me his old 1972 Canon EXEE. I’m excited to get it cleaned up and try it out. I remember always wanting to get my hands on it when I was a kid. Cool blog by the way Mr. M! 🙂

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